Is a Home Birth Right For You?

Evie Steinhart has blessed the world with her beautiful book, “Is a Home Birth Right For You?” I loved the format of sharing the wisdom of physiologic, normal, gentle birth and also having mothers tell their own stories. Even though this book is aimed at couples considering a home birth, it is truly for all pregnant families.  There is a great chapter to help couples plan and accomplish a home-like birth in the hospital. The midwife stories, from my Israeli midwife friends, are also great. This book is a true gift from a passionate medical professional, who happens to be a home birth mother, herself. 

Barbecue Harper, Midwife Educator, Director Waterbirth International, Author Gentle Birth Choices

Written by a Registered Nurse, “Is a Home Birth Right For You?,” is a comprehensive, research-based guide that will help you plan a safe and empowering birth for your baby. An engaging book with plenty of stories and interviews from both moms and professionals, it will give you a wealth of insight into hospital birth and home birth. Enjoy an honest and refreshing look at the risks, as well as the pros and cons, of a home birth versus a hospital birth. An important read for every expectant parent!

Martha Sears, RN, Author of numerous child birth and parenting books including The Attachment Parenting Book, Parenting and Health Consultant at

I am strongly of the belief that if more mothers knew of home birth and its safety, more mothers would be giving birth at home.  This book effectively breaks down the barriers and shows families not only how safe, but how beautiful home birth can be.  What an incredible resource for families who have an inkling that there could be more empowerment to the experience of welcoming their children into the world.

Katelyn Fusco, Happy Homebirth Podcast

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